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Glory star laser GS-CEG


Glory star laser

This machine can cut metal sheets and GS-G tubes. The GS-G series is ideal for the beginners and for those who need different kinds of cutting due to his saving space feature and a fast passage tube/profile. High precision gear rack and pinion, very stable adaptor and servo-motor for a precise and clean cut. An open-project means that every component is visible from the user. The new combined foot is ideal for the debug and installation and remotion, making the floor more stable.
Technical features

6-axis synchronized (Y1 - Y2 - X - R - Z1 - Z2) + V-axis of CNC crowning with 66W DELEM videographic

Ideal for tubes, extrusion ah sheets

Authomatic, high precision, compact, eclectic, manual, flat, frontal

Laser power: 1.500 W